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What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation will allow you to roll all your commitments into a single loan. Any form of commitments can be combined into one including but not limited to credit cards, personal loans, and vehicle finance. This will allow you to manage your finances easier and plan for any future goals and objectives.

Will Debt Consolidation benefit me? ​


We can crunch the numbers with you and do a side by side comparison about your prospective repayments. The key focus is placing you in a better position than you are currently in with your existing debt.

​How Debt Consolidation can benefit you

Easier to manage just one payment instead of several. It can get overbearing dealing with multiple payments at once which means running the risk of missing payments.

To reduce your regular repayments. If your repayments are overwhelming you, there are avenues available to spread your repayments out over a longer span of time to give you extra breathing room.

To reduce your overall interest payments - We may be able to secure a better interest rate for you which can reduce your overall interest repayments.

We pride ourselves with access to the best options in the market

Secured and Unsecured Available

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7 Year Loan Terms Available

How It Works


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We'll request some basic documents to verify your income and ID 


Unconditional Approval (1-24 hrs)

You're approved and can receive funds to consolidate your debts!

Your Story Is Your Solution

We Deal With Real People

We make sure we assist you to achieve what you desire, as well as help you to pay less and avoid any early termination fees. 

Flexible Solutions Tailored For You

We have over 60 lenders on board and we pride ourselves with having the best solutions for our customers.

Even if you have been refused a loan elsewhere, come see us, we will try make it happen.

Long-term Solutions For You

As former bankers, we will offer you trips and tricks to improve your credit score which will improve your chances of future credit approval. This way, you don't have to compromise your future goals.

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