We have exclusive rights to lenders who specialise with classic car finance as they do not care about the age of the vehicle. We think outside the box with vintage and classic car finance as there are more ways than just the conventional secured car lending.

The majority of lenders on the market will turn down vintage and classic vehicles due to the age - despite the prospect of the vehicle being a viable long-term investment. We understand the rarity and demand for the classics especially in today's market. This also makes a vintage vehicle a valuable investment asset into the future, especially if you plan to refurbish it. 

So what is considered as "classic"?


What is deemed as "classic" is based on the age of the vehicle. Generally speaking, a classic vehicle is typically 20 years or older, though this may vary on the make, model, and badge. 

A common theme is that the "classic" vehicle has some sufficient historical interest which makes it worth preserving or restoring rather than forgetting about. This level of value makes it a collectible item whereby its increasing demand into the foreseeable future makes it worth holding for the long-term. 

Whether you are a frenetic or a serious investor, the reasons for wanting to obtain a particular classic vehicle has little influence as to whether it is classified as a classic vehicle.

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